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Firm Partner Dennis Reich Appointed to the Taxotere Settlement Negotiating Team


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Taxotere is a chemotherapy drug that can cause the devastating side effect of permanent hair loss. As part of an effort to try the cases in a systematic and cost-effective manner, multidistrict litigation (MDL) has been ordered, with the pretrial proceedings being consolidated in the Western District of Louisiana. In addition, as part of this streamlining process, a panel of lawyers on both the plaintiffs’ and defendants’ side have been appointed to the Taxotere Settlement Negotiating Team. One of these lawyers includes Reich & Binstock partner Dennis Reich, a founder of our law firm.

Firm partner, Dennis Reich, is currently serving on the Taxotere Settlement Negotiating Committee. The lawyers appointed to this committee are charged with engaging in continuous general settlement discussions on a regular basis, with the hope that these discussions will facilitate a faster settlement. Mr. Reich will certainly be an asset to the team with his extensive class action and multidistrict litigation experience serving on many committees and being heavily involved in nationwide pharmaceutical litigation.

The committees and cases Mr. Reich has been involved with are extensive and diverse, including Risperdal litigation, opioid addiction, groundwater contamination from the gasoline additive MTBE, ineffective smoke detectors used in residential properties, stimulant laxatives that were being improperly promoted for weight loss/control in young women, inadequately monitored petroleum-carrying pipelines, government purchased formaldehyde emitting trailers, inadequate emissions controls for dangerous pollutants such as benzene and hexavalent chrome at petroleum refineries, levee breaches, oil pollution resulting in economic damage and physical injuries.

With experienced attorneys like Mr. Reich on board, we can be hopeful that the Taxotere lawsuit 2021 will be streamlined and that the plaintiffs will obtain the compensation they are entitled to for the grievous injury they have suffered.

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