Lamotrigine is recalled out of cross-contamination concerns

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A single lot of Lamotrigine, a prescription medication that doctors prescribe to treat bipolar disorder and epilepsy, was recalled by its manufacturer on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s urging on Jan. 10. The federal agency ordered the recall after a blood pressure and heart medication was found to have been cross-contaminated with the Lamotrigine tablets.

The cross-contamination of the Lamotrigine 100 milligram (mg) tablets was discovered by a consumer. They noted that the medicine, which also is sold to consumers as Lamictal, was listed as containing Enalapril Maleate on its label. That’s the heart medication that’s not supposed to be in the Lamotrigine.

Federal regulators have preliminarily determined that this switch up may have occurred due to both medications being manufactured by the same company in the same facility. Both the psychotropic and heart tablets are formulated at a Taro Pharmaceutical Industries facility in Haifa, Israel. Their United States subsidiary, Taro Pharmaceuticals USA, actually distributes the medication here in this country.

The sole supply of this medication that is subject to recall is lot number 331771. Each bottle contains 100 tablets and has an expiration date of June 2021.

Neither the manufacturer nor the FDA has disclosed what the potential side effects are if someone were to take the drug. They haven’t provided any information about anyone being harmed by this mix-up yet either. It’s unclear how long ago this lot was sold by pharmacies.

Prescription mix-ups are quite dangerous. Individuals who receive the wrong prescription may experience adverse side effects that leave them disabled or claim their life. An attorney can provide you with guidance about the next steps that you should take in your case if you’ve experienced a health decline due to a drug manufacturer’s negligence or oversight.

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