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Texas Truck Accident Recovery


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Everything is bigger in Texas. Even if that statement isn’t always true, it’s still a point of pride for Lone Star State residents. In most situations, the sizes of things are pretty much the same here as anywhere else in the country.

Take commercial vehicles for example. Whether a truck happens to be a step van, a straight truck or an 18-wheeler, the chances are good that you will be in a smaller vehicle. And, if you get caught in an accident with one of them, the chances are better than good that you will be worse for the encounter.

The increased weight and size of trucks means they tend to come out on top in a crash, leaving victims with serious or fatal injuries in their wake.

How to Value Texas Truck Accident Recovery

When 18 wheeler accidents occur, injury victims or their surviving loved ones have the right to seek compensation for the damages, pain and suffering incurred. But putting an appropriate value on that compensation can be difficult to do.

How To Get a Fair Settlement After a Truck Accident?

The insurance companies for trucking firms want to limit the amount paid and will leverage every legal means possible to achieve that end. To counter such efforts and have peace of mind that you are doing all you can in standing up for your rights, working with a Texas truck accident attorney with experience and skill is always advised.

Identify Defendants

One unique aspect of truck accidents is the process of identifying any and all potential defendants. Because of the layers of federal and state regulations on truckers and the additional layers of business structuring that may be involved, it may take a lot of digging.

The driver of the at-fault truck may be the person primarily responsible, but the company the driver works for as an employee or contract worker may also be held accountable. If the load on the truck is hazardous and causes injury, the shipper may share liability.

Civil Lawsuit for Texas Truck Accident Recovery

All that being so, pursuit of justice through the civil court system may be the only way to ensure that appropriate accountability is achieved.

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