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I Don't Drive 55 (but maybe we should)

If you're in Texas, especially Houston, chances are you use an automobile to get around. And living in Houston, you are likely aware of the "kill or be killed" attitude on the highway. This is how I described it after my first time visiting Houston as a driver. It blew my mind how reckless and disrespectful people acted in their cars. I had to keep up, which meant going at least 80 mph. If I slowed down a bit, I was likely to get run off the road. Need to merge? Too bad. Turning signals? Forget about it. To be fair, it was one of my first times driving in a big city, but one I will always remember.

What is a Parent's Potential Civil Liability for Their Children's Actions?

If you turn on the news today, you often see tragic events: murders, car accidents, gun violence, prostitution stings; these are all horrific events. Most people are familiar with the criminal consequences of something like drunk driving. However, for parents, there could be looming costs for a defense attorney, should their child commit a bad act against another person.

Civil Liability of Gun Manufacturers

When you are the tragic victim of gun violence, often people think that the criminal law is the best way to remedy the situation. However, there could be other remedies when you are injured because of the criminal or negligent use of firearms. However, current federal law has a generally disbars suits against firearm manufacturers.

How Does a Personal Injury Lawsuit Work?

Injury and accidents are unfortunately a common issue most people live through many times in their lives. Most of the time accidents intervention of the civil courts, or sometimes, the criminal system. However, what if you were traveling to work, and suffered a serious injury on because of a negligently driven 18-wheeler that totaled your car, and left you bed ridden for many months. These types of injuries can affect your financial well-being, and become a tremendous stressor on you, and your family.

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