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Pharmaceutical drug litigation


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Pharmaceutical drugs are supposed to make us healthier, but many dangerous drugs are on the market that only make us sick. At Reich & Binstock, LLP, we have seen countless cases of people seriously injured as a result of defective and dangerous drugs. It is our mission to bring more justice to the pharmaceutical industry by holding negligent and unlawful drug manufacturers accountable for the death and injury they cause.

One group of drugs, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), has been the focus of a lot of personal injury claims recently. Zoloft, Prozac, Paxil and Celexa all fall under the category of SSRIs. These drugs are used to treat various mental health problems, but they are also linked to some serious side effects. Those side effects include suicidal thoughts and birth defects.

Another drug, called Risperdal, is also the subject of a lot of litigation right now. This drug, which is used to treat teenagers suffering from different mental disorders, has been shown to cause abnormal breast growth among young men and boys. On the other hand, the drug Topamax, which is prescribed to treat migraine headaches and seizure, has been linked to a higher chance of children being born with cleft palates.

It is not uncommon for a drug manufacturer to conceal vital information relating to the dangers and side affects of the drugs they produce. When this happens, people who suffer injury because they were not warned about potential side effects may have strong claims for financial restitution in court. Restitution might include money to pay for medical care, money as compensation for pain and suffering and compensation for other kinds of damages.

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