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Risperdal Risks


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Risperdal is a drug that has pros and cons. It is sometimes used to treat severe behavior problems in children. For example, it may be used to treat Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or autism, if the children are aggressive or highly irritable. It can be used for psychosis as well. The drug itself can be a life-saver for some, but it is not without risk. It can have serious, life-changing side effects. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the Risperdal risks we’ve seen.

Risperdal Risk: Metabolic Problems, Hormonal Changes, & Neurological Issues

For example, did you know that Risperdal can cause substantial weight gain? It can also cause hormonal changes, neurological issues and metabolic problems. There are families who have sued pharmaceutical companies because of these side effects, since their children were not taken off the medications when problems started appearing. If you or someone you love has suffered harmful side effects from a medication, you may need to contact an experienced drug injury lawyer with Reich & Binstock.

Cases Against Risperdal Manufacturers

In many of the cases heading to court, parents sued over their sons developing breasts due to an increase in the production of prolactin in the body. Others were over the dangerous and rapid weight gain the drug could cause. Metabolic abnormalities were also a concern, including a serious increase in triglycerides, blood sugar and lipids, all of which increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

The truth is that this drug can have many negative side effects, and when children start having them, it’s essential to reassess if they need to be on the drug. If not, then they may be able to go onto a new treatment plan and stop the side effects from continuing.

Houston Risperdal Litigation Attorneys

If your child has been hurt because of this, you may be able to hold the pharmaceutical company or others responsible for their injuries. Contact the Houston Risperdal Lawsuit Attorneys at Reich & Binstock today.

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