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Some of Mirena’s more common, life-threatening side effects


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Mirena, a type of intrauterine device (IUD) is different from copper ones in that the former relies on the administration of a dose of the hormone progestin to work effectively. Mirena has grown in popularity among women of child bearing age over the past few years.

This is because, not only can it last up to 10 years, but once implanted, patients have only a 0.2 percent chance of becoming pregnant. Despite the benefits many women have enjoyed by using Mirena, there are just as many horror stories, as well.

In 2010, Bayer, Mirena’s manufacturer was cited by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for their failure to communicate the risks associated with the use of its IUD. The government regulator argued that it had received numerous reports of Mirena having a much lower efficacy rate than what had been originally reported.

The company’s advertisements at the time claimed that Mirena was appropriate for all women of child bearing age and that it could be left in for more than five years. Neither of these was proven by clinical evidence.

Bayer ultimately re-marketed the product, this time emphasizing that it was proven to be most effective in women that had given birth previously. They also emphasized that leaving the device implanted for more than five years could result in pregnancy or other medical harm.

In 2009, the FDA also accused Mirena of not being upfront with the severe side effects that had been reported by patients with the implant. Among one of the more serious or life-threatening reactions patients have had with Mirena has been it either breaking up or IUD moves inside the woman resulting in uterine perforation. Aside from causing bleeding, this can greatly diminish the product’s contraceptive capacity. It’s important to know the signs your IUD is out of place if you have one of these contraceptive devices.

In other cases, this device’s implantation has resulted in women being diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease, developing infections, having ectopic pregnancies or ovarian cysts.

Risks associated with dangerous drugs and defective medical devices are reported to the FDA on a daily basis. It’s only when there are a number of similar cases documented that they begin investigating whether they should take action and step in to address that growing trend.

If you suspect that your medical ailment can be attributed to the implementation of your IUD, then you should allow a Mirena lawsuit attorney to advise you of your rights in your legal case.

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