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The Most Dangerous Prescription Medications are Addictive Ones


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If you were asked why people die from taking prescription drugs, you’d likely say it’s because they take them differently from how they’re prescribed or take something that was for someone else. That’s often not the case though. Many individuals either become injured or die by taking medications exactly as prescribed by their doctors. Those who do either become addicted or have an adverse side effects to them.

Most Dangerous Prescription Medications


Those with insomnia or anxiety are often prescribed benzodiazepines such as Klonopin, Valium, Xanax, Restoril, and Librium. What many doctors don’t warn patients of is just how highly addictive these are. Patients tend to quickly develop a dependency on them. Breaking free from it can result in severe withdrawal symptoms. This has led to an increased number of overdose deaths in recent years.


In recent years, the number of Americans who rely on prescription painkillers has gone up significantly. The overdose death rates have too.

Many pharmaceutical companies have long known how addictive prescription painkillers, such as Vicodin, OxyContin or Fentanyl, can be but haven’t done anything about it. Data published in 2014 showed that 14,000 Americans lost their lives after taking prescription painkillers that year.

Attention Deficit Disorder Stimulants

Four percent of American adults and 9 percent of children take medications to help treat their attention-deficit disorder (ADD). One of the more common stimulants that patients are prescribed is Ritalin, a drug that can increase an individual’s alertness if taken appropriately. If taken to excess, then a patient may become very sick and require around-the-clock treatment in an intensive care unit.

Some estimates suggest that as many as 17,000 have adverse reactions to these types of stimulants each year. At least 20 percent of all adults react poorly to them. The rest of the cases involved those aged 18 or younger.

Houston Dangerous Medication Lawyer

Many of us trust that when a manufacturer puts a drug out on the market, they’ve properly tested it to make sure that it’s effective and that it definitely won’t make us even worse off than we already are. The truth is that many of these manufacturers are focused on their bottom line, though. A Houston defective drug attorney reviewing your case may suggest that you file suit if you or a loved one suffered a pharmaceutical injury.

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