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Truck Accidents Archives

What's to blame for truck crashes?

Statistics recently released by the Department of Labor (DOL) found that nearly a half-million tractor-trailer crashes happen each year in the United States. Among those, 140,000 include injuries. At least 5,000 people lose their lives in them. The number of big rig crashes doesn't appear to be on the decline either.

Why tire blowouts occur and what you do if one causes an accident

Many different types of businesses rely on trucks to get their supplies to them and back out the door to customers. In the rush to get products to customers, many companies fail to take time to properly maintain their trucks. It's because of situations like this that accidents occur.

A City of Houston garbage truck driver hits, kills a pedestrian

A female pedestrian was killed early on the morning of Monday, Aug. 14. She was reportedly walking along Gessner Road near its intersection with Bellaire in southwest Houston at the time. As she approached the Gessner's 6800 block, it's then that she was struck by a City of Houston trash truck.

Project Roadblock aims to keep unsafe trucks off Houston's roads

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) just wrapped up its annual 'Roadcheck' program on June 8, 2017. This one-weekend exercise aims to ensure that all commercial drivers, including busses and tractor-trailers, are not out driving on the state's roadways with potentially dangerous equipment violations. Their hope is that, by targeting these drivers, it will make the roadways safer for everyone.

Is a fatigued truck driver responsible for your accident?

Due to the nature of their jobs, truck drivers are often required to drive at night and for long periods of time. The trucking industry is a crucial component to the American economy, yet there are strict regulations in place regarding how many hours a trucker can drive consecutively. 

How long truck drivers are permitted to work in one day

There are many rules that Texas drivers must follow. These include speed limits, stoplights and signs, work equipment, signaling turns, yielding in the appropriate circumstances, being in the correct lane and many others. These rules are designed to keep the drivers safe. Another big factor for keeping the roads safe is making sure that drivers are paying attention to the road and alert. That is why people are not supposed to drive if they are drinking or too tired.

Truck drivers not allowed to text while driving

Products are made all over the world, as well as all parts of the United States, and transported to Texas. The products may arrive by planes or boats, but eventually most products end up in trucks to get them to their final destination. Therefore, there are many semi-trucks on the roads each day and they encounter many other vehicles. It is very important that the truck drivers are paying attention are driving trucks that are safe to drive.

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