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Bone Graft Substitution Injuries

bone graft substitution injuries

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Countless individuals undergo a bone graft substitution here in the United States every year. Many of the procedures go well. However, there are a select few that don’t, and patients are left worse off than they initially were. This may lead to those patients filing personal injury lawsuits for damages caused by these medical mistakes.

There are a variety of reasons why you may need a bone graft procedure. You may have become injured, received a knee replacement or developed a medical condition like osteonecrosis or cancer. Your impairment may have resulted in a fracture. It also might have resulted in some other weakness that won’t quickly heal without you receiving a bone graft. Doctors may suggest harvesting cadaver cartilage to implant in you to promote regrowth. Dental patients may even need a bone substitution to fill in gaps left behind by missing teeth.

Patients may suffer unexpected complications following a bone graft substitution procedure. Their incision may become infected or uncontrolled bleeding may occur. Patients may also develop a life-threatening blood clot, may suffer nerve damage from the procedure or experience complications from the anesthesia.

Laboratories that harvest this cadaver bone often test donors to see if they were suffering from some chronic medical ailment at the time of their donation. There are rare instances in which laboratories perform inadequate testing, though. It’s in those cases that the recipient may unexpectedly contract an illness after receiving a donation.

Risks are inherent in every surgical procedure. It’s common for doctors to do everything right and for their patients to still experience complications. These medical errors often occur because the device used to treat the patient was defective. You may be able to sue your doctor, hospital, a medical product’s manufacturer or a combination of the above if such an event occurs.

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You may be entitled to monetary compensation if you have suffered a severe complication due to a bone graft substitution procedure. The amount of financial relief you may be eligible for may depend on the severity of the injury. It also depends on the type of complication that occurred, the cause of the injury and applicable state law. An experienced Houston medical malpractice attorney can review your case and recommend the best course of action for you to pursue.

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