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When life-saving drugs ruin the time you have left


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It is safe to say that all cancer patients want to survive and go on living after their ordeal. Chemotherapy is a well-known treatment for all types of cancer. Most patients are aware that they may experience some unpleasant side effects while undergoing chemotherapy, but the ray of light at the end is that these side effects are usually only temporary.

For most, side effects are a small price to pay for having the best chance of survival. It is even easier to accept these side effects when you are made aware of them right from the beginning. This ensures that cancer patients are well-informed about what they can expect before, during and after chemotherapy.

As you probably already know, hair loss is one of the most common side effects of chemotherapy. Cancer patients understand that this is a typical consequence of treatment and most of them willingly accept this consequence. However, what if you were not informed that your hair might not grow back? Unfortunately, many cancer patients treated with the defective drug, Taxotere, during chemotherapy have experienced permanent hair loss.

As injury lawyers, we feel that the most tragic aspect of this consequence is that the drug manufacturer failed to warn patients that permanent hair loss might occur. While most cancer patients would likely accept this consequence in order to survive, knowing about the risks ahead of time would have prepared them for the aftermath.

Our attorneys have observed firsthand how unexpected and permanent hair loss has affected cancer patients in Houston and across the nation. As such, we work hard to advocate for these patients and to help them find a remedy. If you would like to learn more about the Taxotere lawsuit 2021 and the legal solutions for permanent hair loss because of chemotherapy, please explore our defective drug web pages.

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