The Array Of Claims Against Bristol-Myers Squibb For Eliquis

The Cover-Up Unravels

Lawsuits are being filed all over the country by patients who have been hurt by Eliquis. The claims against Bristol-Myers Squibb are reflective of the defective nature of the drug and the covert attempt to cut corners and cover up the life-threatening risks the drug carries. Claims include:

  • Failure to warn: Manufacturers failed to warn about the risks associated with a blood thinner that has no antidote.
  • Negligence: Manufacturers were negligent in their design, research, manufacturing and marketing of Eliquis.
  • Fraud: Manufacturers fraudulently conducted a clinical trial to conceal side effects of Eliquis.
  • False claims: Manufacturers misrepresented the drug's safety in direct-to-consumer marketing campaigns.

The Consequences Of A Rush To Market

The corner-cutting is slowly coming to the surface. Lawsuits claim that Bristol-Myers Squibb not only cut costs but also hired incompetent agents to conduct the Eliquis studies responsible for the drug's approval. Not only that, but study outcomes — like patient deaths — went unreported and many subjects weren't followed for the whole study. Nonetheless, there was a push to get the drug approved. Now, patients are rightfully fighting back against the egregiously irresponsible developer.

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