The Plight Of The Patient: How Drugs Like Eliquis Could Drive Patients Away From Seeking Medical Aid

Are We Being Told The Truth?

As patients, we trust that the drugs we are taking have been thoroughly tested and that we are being adequately warned of potential side effects. After all, what is the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for? Sometimes, though, this isn't the case. Take Eliquis, for example. Marketed as a new-generation blood thinner, this drug has been touted as being "better" than the older generation blood thinner, warfarin. The drug manufacturer has claimed:

  • Eliquis reduces the risk of stroke better than warfarin.
  • Eliquis causes less major bleeding than warfarin.

What the makers, Bristol-Myers Squibb, did not tell you is that Eliquis can cause serious internal bleeding for which there is no antidote, unlike warfarin. So, yes, perhaps Eliquis works better than warfarin, but at what cost? If patients were truly informed about the risks involved in taking Eliquis, it's quite certain they would find the cost to simply be too high.

Information Withheld

However, many patients have been unable to make this decision due to the lack of a warning by Bristol-Myers Squibb of the risks involved in taking Eliquis. How can patients trust the medical system when we have sneaky manufacturers who ostensibly care little about the people who are using their product? With drug-induced injuries on the rise, are we at risk for going backward in patient care? Do the manufacturers even consider these issues when they rush drugs to get approved when they shouldn't be? Presumably not.

Where To Go For Help

If you suffered a serious bleeding injury from using Eliquis or if someone in your family suffered fatal bleeding after using Eliquis, contact an attorney at Reich & Binstock for a free consultation. Call 713-352-7883 or 877-643-3099 toll free, or email us. Our attorneys have over 30 years of experience, and we are here to help you.