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A Texas Spine Surgeon Sued for Using Defective Medical Devices


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New complaints have emerged against a North Texas spine surgeon accused of having left several patients of his either permanently disabled or dead. According to lawsuits that have been filed against him so far, some of the patients’ injuries may be related to doctors’ use of titanium surgical devices made in-house.

Defective Medical Device Victims

One patient that has filed a lawsuit against the doctor is an 84-year-old real estate agent who says she was operated on by the doctor in 2011. She had to stop showing properties after her surgery that same year because she found herself constantly in pain and wheelchair-bound after it.

The woman believes the pain she felt immediately following the surgery can be attributed to the five different pieces of hardware the Plano doctor introduced into her spine in an attempt to alleviate her pain. One year later, she was back on the operating table again.

Boa Constrictor Faulty Medical Device

This time the doctor inserted one of his own surgical devices, one he called the “Boa Constrictor”. She can only think that her constant residual pain after the two surgeries is related to all the titanium that was introduced to her body each time.

As for the realtor, she only decided to file her lawsuit against the doctor after a local media outlet reported on the cases of three other patients that had been operated on by the doctor in recent years. At least two of them noted in their lawsuits that the doctor had to repeat surgeries on their spines a second time.

Python Faulty Medical Device

During those secondary procedures, he is alleged to have implanted his own medical device called the “Python”. His use of supposed unapproved devices made in-house is said to violate Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards.

Countless other horror stories involving the doctor’s use of self-made surgical devices abound. Many of his former patients have stepped forward only because the lives they lead today are much different from the active ones they led before surgery.

If you suspect that your surgeon has implanted you with either an unapproved or recalled medical device, then you should contact a Houston defective medical device attorney. In reviewing the details surrounding your case, he or she may advise you of your rights to recover not just medical expenses but also damages for such factors as pain and suffering or a loss of quality of life, consortium, or companionship.

Source: WFAA 8 ABC, “Investigates: New complaints against Texas spine surgeon,” Brett Shipp, July 27, 2017

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