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Apotex Birth Control Pills are Recalled for a Packaging Error


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Early this month, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a recall of birth control pills manufactured by the Apotex Corporation due to a packaging error.

The four lots included in the nationwide recall include Ethinyl Estradiol and Drospirenone pills. Many of the packages that they typically come in have either missing or incorrectly arranged tablets or defective blisters. These flaws could cause a woman to unintentionally become pregnant.

Packaging Errors May Cause Unintended Pregnancy

In the press release, the FDA spelled out how it’s possible for the packaging error to result in an unintentional pregnancy.

They noted how a blister with a missing tablet may give a woman the false impression that she had already taken her pill for the day when she did not. This may leave her vulnerable to becoming pregnant.

In the case of the misarranged tablets, they noted that it’s possible for a woman to assume that she’s taking an active pill when, in reality, she’s taking a placebo instead. They warned consumers that this can result in a decreased efficacy rate of this birth control method.

The press release highlights how no cases of an unintended pregnancy due to this packaging error have been reported to the FDA or the birth control pill manufacturer so far. They warn consumers that they shouldn’t take any chances though.

In their press release, the FDA detailed what particular lots have been recalled. They include 7DY009A, 7DY011A, 7DY008A, and 7DY010A. The expiration date on the affected lots is 8/2020.

The FDA warns that any women who have one of the affected lots should immediately return the recalled pills to their local pharmacy. They also advise consumers to consult with their health care provider about alternative birth control options that they can use.

When you’re prescribed a medication, you expect it to perform as intended. When it doesn’t, it puts your health at risk. There are many dangerous drugs that are on the market in Texas and throughout the United States. It often takes time before they’re recalled. An attorney can advise you of your rights to file suit if you’ve experienced unexpected injuries, illnesses, or other adverse outcomes from taking medication as prescribed.

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