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Can semi drivers bring passengers along?


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Truck drivers get bored on the road. While many people think that the solitude and independence of driving a truck sound great, it can get old after months or even years on the road. So, to break this up, are drivers allowed to bring along passengers?

It depends on the policy for that specific company. Some drivers may be told they can never have passengers. Other drivers look exclusively for jobs that allow them to bring friends and family members in the cab with them. After all, one of the biggest problems with the lifestyle of being a truck driver is being away from the family for such long stretches of time. Having the family along for the ride, even part of the time, means drivers get those valuable family experiences while they work.

This does potentially raise the risk on the road, however. When drivers talk to passengers, it can distract them from the road. It has been compared to talking on a cellphone and even texting while driving. If a driver turns his or her head to talk, looking away from the road for even a moment, it can lead to a serious car accident.

Distracted driving is often blamed for the increase in fatal accidents in recent years. Texting and driving — something truck drivers cannot do — often gets the blame. However, having passengers could be just as distracting, and it is important for drivers to be aware of the dangers.

Were you hit and injured by a distracted truck driver? If so, you must know what rights you have to financial compensation.

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