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Do Men or Women Get in More Car Accidents?

Do Men or Women Get in More Car Accidents?

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Statistics and data are both very telling when it comes to the likelihood of something happening. They also affect certain things like car insurance premiums. When it comes to car accidents, do men or women get in more car accidents according to statistics? Are there other related statistics that tell us about the likelihood of certain car crashes?

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Important Car Accident Statistics

Many drivers have the mistaken belief that a car accident could never happen to them. The truth is that even the safest drivers can get into serious and even fatal car crashes. It’s important to understand the most important car crash statistics. This can help you drive with more caution where it’s warranted. Below, we list some important, potentially eye-opening statistics about car crashes.

  • Drunk driving accounted for approximately one-third of all fatal accidents in 2019.
  • Accidents in which drivers exceeded the speed limit increased by around 17% in 2020.
  • Every year, there are over a million fatal accidents.
  • People in the age group of 25-44 make up the highest percentage of passenger and driver deaths.

Who Has More Car Accidents: Male or Female Drivers?

Many people have preconceived notions about whether male drivers or female drivers are more likely to get into or cause car accidents. But which gender is involved in more accidents according to data and statistics? According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), male drivers cause around 6.1 million accidents each year, while women drivers only cause around 4.4 million accidents each year.

However, many factors can contribute to male drivers getting into more accidents than women drivers. While around a million more women have driver’s licenses than men, they also travel fewer miles than men on average. Male drivers travel approximately 6,000 more miles than women tend to drive each year, according to Kelley Blue Book.

In general, male drivers are more likely to engage in risky driving behavior than women, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

Are Men or Women More Likely to Drive Drowsy?

One study from the American Automobile Association (AAA) tells us that men drive while drowsy or fatigued more often than women. People who get less than 4 hours of sleep are much more likely to get into accidents. Men are more likely to engage in risky driving practices than women, and that includes drowsy driving. The NHTSA also reports that men are much more likely to report falling asleep at the wheel.

Are Men or Women More Likely to Drive Under the Influence?

Both men and women are guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is a very dangerous practice, and it contributes to thousands of driver deaths, passenger deaths, pedestrian deaths, and motorcyclist deaths each year. Anyone involved in these accidents could potentially suffer catastrophic injuries or even wrongful death.

The FBI reports that more than 80% of those arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol were men. Although the number of women arrested for DUIs has risen in recent years, men have consistently caused more crashes due to drunk and drugged driving than women.

Are Male or Female Drivers More Likely to Speed?

Just about everyone is guilty of exceeding speed limits at some point in their lives. It happens when we’re late to work, late in driving our children to school, or for other reasons. However, many people try not to speed unless there is an emergency. Speeding is a more likely habit for men than for women, according to statistics. 

Another factor that plays an important role in speeding is age. Younger drivers are more likely to exceed the speed limit than the older adult population. Young male drivers aged 15-20 account for around 31% of people involved in fatal accidents. Young women of the same age group only account for around 17%.

Speeding becomes an even more dangerous practice when other factors come into play. For example, driving under the influence, distracted driving, and drowsy driving can all increase the chances of severe crashes when coupled with speeding.

Are Men or Women More Likely to Get Injured in a Car Crash?

Obviously, both men and women suffer injuries in car accidents. But who is more likely to be hurt in the event of a crash? Data from the IIHS tells us that women have a substantially higher likelihood of suffering injuries from car accidents. While it is not readily apparent why this is the case, many factors could contribute to this data.

In general, statistics show us that women tend to be safer drivers than men overall. However, they are still more likely to suffer injuries in a crash. One potential contributing factor could be that men are more likely to drive heavier vehicles, such as trucks and SUVs. 

Are Car Accidents Involving Men or Women Deadlier?

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), men tend to be involved in far more fatal accidents than women. In fact, around 71% of crash deaths in 2018 were male crash deaths. In addition, most pedestrian deaths are male, and 90% of motorcyclist deaths are male. Additionally, there are more male passenger vehicle occupant deaths than female.

Even though women are more likely to suffer injuries, men are more likely to experience fatal car accidents. In 2020, 28,033 crash deaths were male, while only 10,690 were female crash deaths. Many believe that the disparity in fatality rates is partially due to the fact that men tend to take more risks while driving.

Who Gets More Traffic Tickets: Men or Women?

More than half of all tickets issued for violating traffic laws are issued to men. While there is no concrete reason as to why police officers issue more tickets to men, it may come down to a certain level of gender bias. Gender bias exists in many different areas of society and in many different forms. One of these forms is in insurance premiums, and another is in people’s assumptions and stereotypes regarding certain drivers.

Stereotypes Regarding Driving and Gender

do women or men get in more car accidents

Different people have different notions when it comes to who are better drivers between men and women. Some people assume that women are worse drivers, while others assume the same about men. Rather than assuming someone’s driving skills based on their gender, we should take a more measured approach. Looking at the statistics and facts that we outlined above can help us understand why the numbers vary so significantly when women drive vs when males drive.

Gender differences also contribute to the cost of car insurance in many states. Young men up to the age of 25 tend to pay higher insurance premiums than women. This is likely due to their recorded tendency for riskier driving. However, women between the ages of 40 and 60 tend to pay more for insurance than men in the same age group, even when they have perfect driving records. However, several states have banned the use of gender in calculating insurance premiums.

How to Stay Safe on the Road

There are many ways to stay safe while you drive from Point A to Point B. Below, we list some tips for driving safely and reducing your risk of accidents on the road.

  • Always wear seat belts, whether you are driving or riding in any vehicle.
  • Carry an emergency kit in your vehicle that includes a first aid kit, a flat tire kit, jumper cables, a flashlight, and a small fire extinguisher.
  • Regularly check your brakes, tires, and shocks.
  • Pay attention to the signals on your dashboard and be sure to understand what they mean.
  • Avoid distractions while driving.
  • Pay attention to the smell in your vehicle. If anything smells off, you may have a problem.
  • Replace a damaged windshield as soon as possible.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings on the road.
  • If your car breaks down, turn on your hazard lights, safely pull over to the side of the road, and call for help.
  • Exercise a higher level of caution while driving at night or during inclement weather.

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