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Has Your Hernia Mesh Caused More Complication Than Repair?


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If you have suffered from a hernia, you may need surgery to correct the issue. Knowing you need surgery may make you apprehensive, even while you look forward to experiencing relief from your pain and other complications. Unfortunately, if your surgeon uses hernia mesh as part of your operation, you could face further complications.

What is hernia mesh?

This device is made up of materials that surgeons implant into the body as a way to close the opening through which the hernia occurred. Though this material can work well to repair the herniated area, you could also find yourself feeling as if something is not right sometime after your surgery.

What complications could occur?

In some cases, hernia mesh may not permanently repair a hernia. As a result, you could later suffer from a hernia in the same place. The recurrence could happen as a result of your surgeon using improper techniques at the time of surgery, or it could happen if the implanted mesh moves or shrinks.

Another serious problem that could occur after the surgery is infection. Though hernia mesh can work as a useful medical tool and implant, your body may still reject the mesh. As a result, you could suffer infection and possibly need to have the mesh removed.

You could also potentially suffer from nerve damage caused during the surgery to implant the mesh. The mesh itself could trap nerves, or the sutures used to secure the mesh in place could damage nerves. Any of these issues could cause severe and persistent pain.

What can you do about hernia mesh complications?

In many cases, these complications could require additional surgeries or other medical treatments. As a result, you could find yourself suffering additional pain as well as having to deal with more medical expenses. However, you may have reason to file a legal claim against the surgeon who performed your operation or any other parties liable for the issues you experienced if you wish to seek compensation for damages.

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