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Texas truck drivers must check load safety to avoid accidents


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One of the most basic rules governing physics is that force equals an object’s mass times its acceleration. Known as Newton’s Second Law of Motion, this simple equation tells us that the heavier something is, the more force it will  have upon impact. This description of the world helps explain why accidents involving commercial trucks, such as 18-wheelers, can be so devastating. When a loaded truck travelling at highway speed comes into contact with another vehicle, the amount of force applied is often huge. The result is a high probability of serious injury or death to drivers and passengers in other vehicles.

One of the aspects of commercial truck driving in Texas that contributes to this danger is the load being carried by the big rig. However, in addition to adding to the vehicles mass, a load can pose other safety hazards as well. Weight that is not properly distributed can make a truck difficult to handle, and could even cause it to overturn. Further, cargo that is not properly secured can fall off the truck and create obstacles for other vehicles on the road. Certain types of goods being transported may obscure a truck driver’s view to his sides or rear as well.

Because of this, Texas commercial drivers must follow certain federal safety regulations regarding the loads they haul. Generally found in the Federal Code Section 392.9, drivers must inspect their loads before beginning a run to make certain that the cargo is properly distributed and secured, and that it does not obstruct their view, or the view of safety features such as brake lights that can be warnings to other drivers. Further, the driver is responsible for checking his or her load again within the first 50 miles of a trip, as well as whenever the driver changes duty status and every three hours of driving or 150 miles, whichever comes first.

Failing to perform these required duties could be as much a source of negligence as being overly fatigued or distracted in terms of a truck accident. Drivers or companies that fail to follow such regulations may be legally liable for injuries that occur as a result of an accident caused by such failure.


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