Harris County Leads State in Pedestrian Deaths

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Harris County has experienced a deadly trend in recent years. The number of fatalities in pedestrian accidents between 2009 and 2013 has risen tremendously. In 2009, there were 54 pedestrian fatalities. The next two years saw increases first to 70 in 2010 and then to 84 in 2011. In 2012, the number dropped by one to 83 pedestrian deaths.

Then, in 2013, the number of deaths in pedestrian-vehicle accidents skyrocketed to 93. That number was out of 368 motor vehicle fatalities in the county that year making pedestrian deaths a large percentage of the overall fatality count for Harris County.

A Look at the Rest of Texas

Certainly the risk to pedestrians is not completely unique to Harris County even though it is the location with the most number of such fatalities. The counties with the second, third, fourth and fifth highest number of pedestrian deaths were Dallas, Bexar, Tarrant and Travis. In these counties, the numbers of pedestrians who died in 2013 were 49, 45, 28 and 26. Statewide, 480 pedestrians died in 2013.

A Look at Recent News Stories

A quick perusal of online news sources shows that pedestrian accidents can happen in a variety of situations and settings.

It was at Greenspoint near the North Beltway that a woman was hit by a car. The accident happened immediately after she got off a bus according to Details about her injuries were not immediately known.

In another collision, a man was standing outside of his vehicle after it had broken down when he was hit and killed by another vehicle. notes that a person claiming to be only a witness may be suspected as the driver who killed the pedestrian.

An accident that claimed the life of a pedestrian is under investigation per The crash occurred in the early morning hours and involved a pickup truck striking the pedestrian.

Options for Pedestrians

People who are injured in a pedestrian- vehicle accident should seek advice from a qualified personal injury attorney. This is exactly what one woman is doing after she recently filed a lawsuit against a driver who hit her over the Fourth of July weekend in 2013. reports that the pedestrian victim sustained injuries to her back and neck after being hit by a driver who allegedly ran a red light.

Contacting an attorney in the aftermath of a pedestrian-vehicle accident is highly recommended. A qualified personal injury attorney can be of great assistance to people who have been injured by the negligence of others. Get the compensation you deserve. Seek the help and assistance of a qualified Texas board certified personal injury attorney.

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